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Sunday, 11 September 2016

R+P Post 2: Myself as a music consumer

When/ where do I consume music?

  • travelling, either by car, public transport or walking
  • whilst doing work 
  • at social gatherings with friends
  • on drives with friends 
  • Usually in the morning before school 
Who do i consume music with? 
  • Usually by myself
  • With friends if we're at a gathering or in the car
  • The genre of music depends on who I'm with, usually its either upbeat or chill depending on the groups current mood
How do i consume music
  • Spotify is used the majority of the time as people can play their individual playlists on most devices including other peoples phones/laptops
  • If with a group then the phone is hooked up to a speaker
  • However if by myself i listen with earphones
Why do I consume music
  • listening to music is a fun thing to do with friends 
  • a way of passing time, especially when doing work or at a bus stop
  • helps set the mood, for example if we're going out or just chilling
  • puts me have a more calm perspective of the world
  • helps with creativity 

What does music mean to me


This track was played a lot and was quite popular during primary school. I remember watching the movie and being amazed by how they could dance and sing at the same time. The movie itself would play constantly either on TV or in school during Golden time so it feels really nostalgic to listen to the song again.

Early Teens:

I used to love this song during my early teens, I remember the first time it was played i found the use of synth really confusing as I had just never heard of synth before. From this song sprung I love of electro-pop during my early teens and occasionally now. I was so obsessed with electro pop i bought my own stylophone in a feeble attempt to create my own.


This track means a lot to me because since my early teens my music taste has drastically change. Now i quite like chill music whereas before i used to find it depressing. I now like songs about topics i didn't even consider at a such a young age. However despite this flume reminds me of the times I used to be obsessed with electro pop and I can confidently say that my younger self would like the song. Thus it feels like a track that my past, present and future self will still like despite changes in overall music taste. 


Through this activity I have learnt that music taste is a constantly changing thing that occurs in everyone. I thought about why music taste changes over time as we grow as people.  It also made me think how industries adapt to the constantly changing target market. Overall by analysing my own tastes I have a greater insight on the industry. This will in turn benefit my project as I can think about marketing my product with the audiences changing interests in mind. 

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