My name is Jerom Thambipillai (8692). I am part of Group 2 consisting of Olamide Ajisafe (8010) and Matthew Davies(8511). I have completed Brief 1: Film. To see my portfolio evidence please click on the labels on the right named "A2 research and planning plan, A2 construction A2 evaluation"

music video

Below is our finished music video

Group 3 Music Video Layla Obi- Blue Lights


Below is the outside panel of my Digipak Album cover



Album cover

Below is the inside panels of my album cover


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Monday, 26 September 2016

Evaluation Q2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I think our main product and ancillary texts work well together through this use of visual motifs and synergistic elements. We aimed for the three products to work together in order to form a recognisable brand as well as to market our artist to our audiences of "fans of the RnB/Neo-soul genre"

Below is a slide detailing already existing promotional packages from real artist "Izzy Bizu" and what I learnt from the campaign.

From studying Izzy Bizus marketing campaign it was clear to me that synergy is key in a marketing campaign. Izzy made a consistent brand which she then applied across all her platforms, it was clear we would have to do the same for our artist and our media products. Using this knowledge from Izzy Bizu we also looked into Richard Dyers Star theory in order to create a consistent artist image and brand. Once we had created this we could use synergistic elements to portray this image/brand across our media products. 

The below prezi highlights how we used Richard Dyers Star Theory in order to create our artists brand/image.

Our media products

We created three media products, a music video, a website and a album cover. Each product had an individual role in our overall marketing campaign, these were 

  • The music videos aim was to promote the single as well as our artist to the audience
  • The single then works to promote the overall album as a whole
  • The album then works to promote the the tour where most of the artists revenue is made from tickets
  • Then the website acts as a hub for everything. 
The website

The website is said to be the hub of the campaign, this is because it is connected to all our media products.I think this is true for our website as we managed to link all our media to the website as seen below. I think it is clear that our video serves its purpose well of acting as "the hub" of our marketing campaign

"Get the Album" option available on landing page instantly promoting the album
"Music" page links the album cover and the music video
"Ticket" page instantly promotes upcoming concerts thus also serving as a revenue option for the artist
Social media links directly on the website

Tim O'Reilly suggested that Web 2.0 allows the user to "interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creates of user generated content in a virtual community. I think we took advantage of Web 2.0 as we included multiple opportunities for our audience to interact such as links to social media, sign up and Q&A section.

Sign up option to promote interactivity with our artist

Q&A section to further promote interactivity

Below is a slide highlighting how we used the brand we made for our artist synergistically throughout all our media products.

To conclude I think my media product and ancillary text work together extremely well together due to the use of various synergistic elements such as our visual motif, graffiti and logo. Due to this and Richard Dyers Star theory we were able to create a consistent brand across our music video, album cover and website. 

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