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Group 3 Music Video Layla Obi- Blue Lights


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Monday, 26 September 2016

Construction Post 1: Week 1 Production

Our first production week was before our studio shoot time. During this week we made sure all our plans we're in order, this would result in a more efficient work process once production was sorted. Our main plans we're for revising our sequence, studio set ups, Props, promo shots and on location shoot.

Revising Our location/projection/sequence

After our test shoot we had isolated many aspects to change about the our music video. These aspects we're highlights to us from our teachers and members of our target audience. The following aspects we're improved upon after our test shoot.

  • On-location shot needed a better location- It was pointed out to us that our narrative seemed to suburban. For example one of our shots involved our character walking into a train station in Southgate. Two different teachers said this location was ineffective and boring.We wanted to have an urban look to our narrative thus we have decided to film all our location shots in Shoreditch in order to combat this problem. 

The shot in our test shoot that will be re-shot
  •   Projection video was too dark- For our projection shots the footage that was being projected was far too dark. This resulted in grainy footage and our artists face being completely blocked out. In order to combat that issue we made an entire new video for the projection during this week. This new video contained light footage that didn't darken the footage and lit our artist well. 
  •  Time line was boring- After showing our test shoot footage to our target audience and teachers we were told that our initial introduction to the male narrative was boring and too longed out.  It was also highlighted to us that the initial introduction of our male character was a long-shot and thus our focus group didn't realise who he was. In order to fix this I redrew some aspects of the storyboard to include a greater variety of shot types/ movement instead of static mid-shots which is what we had before. This resulted in a faster paced sequence, the revised storyboard can be seen below. 
  • Upon revising the time-line we realised that some of the more experimental shots we planned did not work when it came to editing. For example we wanted to have a smooth transition between two shots by moving the camera into darkness. However when it came to shooting the shot did not work as the camera did not adjust in time. The effect we wanted and the effect we achieved can be seen below. 


During this week of planning w had to make sure we had to find the props for some of our revised ideas. Although we used some of the same props for our test shoot we needed to relocate them as well as find completely new ones for new ideas. We needed to find the following props/equipment for next weeks shoot in the studio
  1. Projector
  2. Laptop
  3. Candles
  4. Lighter
  5. Fake blood
  6. Stools
  7. Microphone + microphone stand
  8. Strobe Light
A challenge we faced during this part of the planning process was getting the permission from the relevant authorities to light a candle in the studio. Luckily we came to the agreement that we could light the candle in the studio as long as our technician, Emma Rogers, was present. Requesting this permission a week in advance from our shoot was a good idea as it took time for the school body to respond. We also needed extra time to think of new shots just in case we we're not granted permission to light a candle in the studio. 

Planning album names

During this week of production we also managed to plan our album names as well. This was a hard task as it involved thinking of song names that didn't exist yet had to relate to our artist. This was definitely a challenge as song names we thought of came off as cheesy when asking our target audience. After many drafts we came up with the following names
  1. Blue Lights
  2. Amateurs 
  3. Fix him
  4. Grans Kitchen
  5. Anti-hero
  6. City boy
  7. Friction
  8. Fairplay
  9. Just be
  10. Lost youth
Overall we used this first week of production to finalise details/plans so that we would be fully prepared for the following weeks of actual creating. This week has ensured we will have an extremely efficient two weeks of production. It has also enabled us to build upon/improve our previous ideas and plan for a much more slick video 

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