My name is Jerom Thambipillai (8692). I am part of Group 2 consisting of Olamide Ajisafe (8010) and Matthew Davies(8511). I have completed Brief 1: Film. To see my portfolio evidence please click on the labels on the right named "A2 research and planning plan, A2 construction A2 evaluation"

music video

Below is our finished music video

Group 3 Music Video Layla Obi- Blue Lights


Below is the outside panel of my Digipak Album cover



Album cover

Below is the inside panels of my album cover


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Monday, 26 September 2016

Evaluation Q1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media products use and challenge conventions of real media products. During our planning process we analysed real already existing media products to influence our decisions. We used elements from various existing media products in order to create a unique but conventional website, album cover and music video of the RnB/Neo-soul genre.

Music Video

In order to make our videos we referenced many different theorists and theories relating to music videos. A theorist that we used to influence our decisions was Andrew Goodwin, an outline of his theory can be seen below.

Andrew Goodwin-Music video theory

Genre Characteristics 

Below is a prezi higlighting the first aspect of Andrew Goodwins music video theory- genre characteristics. Here I have explained how we conformed and challenged the music video characteristics of the RnB/Neo-Soul genre.

Lyrics, music and visuals

The second and third aspect of the Goodwins theory is that there is a clear relationship between the lyrics/music and the visuals. The visuals could either be illustrative, amplifying or contradicting towards the lyrics/music.

In our music video there is a clear illustrative relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, examples of these can be seen in the below GIFs.

Hand gestures to represent the lyrics"Gun crime into your right ear, drugs and violence into your left, before our headphones flooding"
our lighting turns blue during the lyric "I wanna turn those blue lights". 
strobe lights were used during the lyric "into strobe lights"
A fairy light set up was used during the lyric "maybe even fairy lights"
hand gestures connoting a wave during the lyric "the order into a subconscious waves you accept"
running segment of the narrative during the lyrics "Theres no need to run" 
literal blood is seen on the artists hands and the male character looks at his hands in a similar fashion during the lyrics "Blood on my hands but I dont know where its from, oh,"
It is clear that we used this aspect of Andrew Goodwins theory to inform the decisions made in our music video. We have a clear relationship between the lyrics/music and the visuals of our music video as stated in his theory.

Record Label demands

Although our artist is fictional and thus we did not get any demands from our record label, we looked at into usual industry standards. An example of a typical industry standard for music videos are beauty shots/close ups of our artist. In order to comply to this we used a variety of close-ups in order to display the attractive qualities of our artist. Examples of this can be seen below.

Another typical industry demand is to showcase the talent of our artist in order to sell her to the audience. In order to do this we included multiple shots of our artist singing and dancing as seen below.
we used stylistic hand gestures with the music in order to reinforce this 

Another aspect of Goodwins theory was the use of voyeurism within the music video. This is the frequent reference of looking and sexualising the female body. With our artist we conveyed the  convention of voyeurism  by using voyeuristic imagery such as using close-ups of our artists lips and eyes. However there was on overt sensationalist of our female artist This can be seen below

However we also represented our artist as strong independent and serious, we did this by using scopophilic camera work in order to deliberately address the intelligent thinking female audience.

Inter-textual reference

The final aspect of Andrew Goodwins theory was the use of inter-textual references, intertexuality is when one media text pays homage to another media text.

 We decided to add an inter textual reference into our music video through the use of projections. We decided the lyrics "Not long ago you were miming to the shook ones, now this really is part two cause you're the shook one." This lyric is referencing the song "Shook ones pt. II" by Mobb Deep whilst using a play on words. In order to show this inter textual reference visually we used a projection of Mob Deep. This can be seen below.

Mobb Deep projection when the inter textual reference comes up in the song. 


Below is a slide highlighting the conventions of a website and how we conformed/challenged them.

Album cover

Carol Vernallis


harsh cuts to draw attention to our editing
Cross cutting our narrative with our studio shots
Camera movement/framing

                                   Using a camera movement to reflect the beat of the music

In conclusion I think our media products use convention quite effectively in order to conform to the audiences expectations as well as to be serve the purpose/ be recognisable for what they are. However we did challenge conventions, for example with our album cover, as we felt our creative idea would work well. Im glad we challenged this convention as the end product works well together.

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