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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 11: Artists websites that have inspired and influenced my ideas

An artist website is essential to an artist as it is one of the first official media to come up when the artist named is searched for on the internet. It serves as a source of information as well as links to projects and other media the artist is associated with. Below are some artist websites that have inspired and influenced my ideas.

Chance the rapper

Chance the rappers website had a consistent theme that matched his album cover for "colouring book". I really like the synergy between the website and the album cover which made the website seem modern and up to date. I hope to also provide synergy between my artists website and the album cover and thus this website is influential to my ideas.

Declan McKenna

Declan Mckenna's website took a different approach with various themes and a continuous scrolling navigation. There are no buttons to take you to specific pages of the website which I particularly didn't like however I really liked the seemless scrolling aspect of the website and hope to include something similar in my website.

Izzy Bizu

Izzy bizus website had a video playing in the background. This gave the website a professional modern look that I found really interesting as a consumer of the website. Although a video as a background isn't usually a convention of artist websites I found it deeply inspirational and will attempt to emulate this effect with my website. Her website also included conventional pages such as the video page and live dates page. 

Researching different artists websites have fueled my ideas for what I want my website to look like. Not only this, this research has informed me of many conventions of artist websites such as social media links, gallery/videos and a tour date page. Thus I will use conventions when constructing my website. 

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