My name is Jerom Thambipillai (8692). I am part of Group 2 consisting of Olamide Ajisafe (8010) and Matthew Davies(8511). I have completed Brief 1: Film. To see my portfolio evidence please click on the labels on the right named "A2 research and planning plan, A2 construction A2 evaluation"

music video

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Group 3 Music Video Layla Obi- Blue Lights


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Album cover

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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 16: My Band or Artist

My artist is called Layla Ade, she is a 19 year old who lives in London and makes songs relating to big issues in the world. This can be seen in her debut song "Blue Lights" which highlights police brutality which is a global issue.

Visual Illustration

Below I have made a mood-board which roughly illustrates what she will look like.

We want her to have big curly hair to act as a visual motif. I felt a visual motif would be important as after researching many different artists it was clear most were known for a single visual trait. For example Ed Sheeran's ginger hair, Sia's blonde wig and Daft Punks helmets. This visual motif was then reflected in their albums to promote synergy as well as to make it instantly recognisable.

Reference Point: Ed Sheerans ginger hair is clearly reflected in his albums 

Activism /Beliefs and Richard Dyers Star Theory

Layla Ade will be a activist with strong beliefs against racism and other forms of discrimination. We wanted this as it will make the artist more than the music. This will help appeal to our target audience who will aspire to Layla and admire her beliefs. After questioning a few of my friends who are British teens, and thus fit the target audience, a common response was that having an artist who stands for their beliefs makes them more inspirational. 

This ties in well with Richard Dyers Star Theory. Richard Dyer believed that a star must have an ideology. This gives the audience something to relate to. We hope that our target audience will relate to Layla Ade due to her age and shared-beliefs, her African-heritage and urban upbringing will also increase relatability among the target audience. 

Key reference points to Layla Ade being an activist is Beyonce. She is known to be more than just a musician she also stands up for big issues in the world. This can instantly be seen in countless interviews and statements but also on her website as seen below. 

Various issues that Beyonce stands up against as seen on her website. 

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