My name is Jerom Thambipillai (8692). I am part of Group 2 consisting of Olamide Ajisafe (8010) and Matthew Davies(8511). I have completed Brief 1: Film. To see my portfolio evidence please click on the labels on the right named "A2 research and planning plan, A2 construction A2 evaluation"

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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 33: Reflections on my role and contribution during Research and Planning

I feel that I was an active and present member of the group and have been involved in the following aspects of Research and Planning.


Being a keen cinematographer and working towards a career within media production this was very much one of my strengths.Story boarding is a vital process as it allows us to plan out our music video in great detail without even picking up a camera. Although I'm not the best artist I feel I completed this task to a great degree as I had a clear vision for the project.
After our feedback from our test shoot I also revised the storyboard to include more interesting camera movement and shot variety for the studio as well as simply making the male narrative clearer to the audience.
Me drawing a shot for our storyboard
Filming our test shoot

With Olamide acting and Matt directing the responsibility of filming the vast majority of the shots was given to me. One of my deepest passions is cinematography and thus I jumped at the chance to be the one behind the camera. Working with the Canon 5D was an amazing experience and I cant wait to use it again when it comes to our main shoot. Although this wasn't the first time I had used a DSLR I think I greatly improved my camera skills as I was introduced to more functions in order to make our shots just right, for example white balance options. 

me operating the camera 


Although I had no previous experience operating the lights I worked the light desk in order to get our different coloured lighting set ups for our test shoot. This was initially extremely difficult for me as it was like nothing I have ever done before. Simply learning how to change the brightness and colour of a single light proved to be a challenge due to the sheer amount of options available with the light desk. This issue was especially hard as there we had multiple different set ups, each with their own unique lighting needs. However despite this I think I have learnt a lot from operating the lights and I feel as if I am well prepared for our main shoot


A shoot-board is vital for any shoot. It makes sure we do each shot that we set out to do as well as containing vital details such as framing and movement. I personally produced the storyboard for the studio shots as I drew the majority of them. I used a template given to us by the media department, however despite this it was an extremely time consuming process due to the large number of set-ups we have. However now that it has been done, we can easily alter the document and make amends to use for our main shoot. 

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