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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 25: Costumes, props and make-up

From the very start we always envisioned Layla Obi as visually striking, thus the costumes, props and make-up had to comply with this image we created for her. Having a look that stands out is essential for a new artist as it allows them to be more memorable and thus are more likely to succeed in the entertainment scene. This convention of "standing out" can be seen in many mainstream artists such as Ed sheeran with his brightly coloured hair and Sia with her unique blonde wig. 

In order to achieve a visual motif we decided to have large curly hair. This would hopefully make her stand out and could be a reoccurring element in all Layla's content, an example of synergy in her products. Mainstream personalities that achieve a visual motif through hair include Ed sheeran,Sia and Annie Mac. 

In our music video Layla will have three different outfits. A range of outfits is necessary as it hopefully will make the music video more interesting and appealing to our main target audience of trendy londoners as they will appreciate the different outfits. The aim of each outfit was to showcase the different sides of Layla Obi and display her as an artist with dimension/multiple aspects to her instead of a simple 2-Dimensional character. 

Outfit No 1

Our first outfit consisted of a white sleeveless turtleneck, dark green bomber jacket and a black skirt. This unique turtle-neck hopefully represents our artists unique character. This representation is supported by the white trainers which are white with a multicoloured toe-cap. Overall this outfit gives quite a distinguished out-going look which is what we set out to achieve. 

Our third outfit contained a camouflage print jacket, a Tommy Hilfigure sports bra and black leggings.

The sports bra has the instantly recognisable Tommy Hilfigure logo which will directly appeal to our target audience of trendy young people. 

The camo print jacket was chosen as it is a very eye-catching piece that is also seen in popular culture. For example the brand Bape, which is extremely popular among young people, uses camouflage print in a lot of their clothing. Celebrities such as Drake, Kanye west and rihanna have been seen wearing camo prints which furthur prove its popularity. 

Our final outfit is meant to show off Laylas more artsy side. This is represented by our Moschino shirt. The shirt consists of multiple patterns and colours that make it quite bold and instantly eye-catching. This worn over a plain grey bralett underneath creates a nice contrast which makes our artist stand out even further. 

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