My name is Jerom Thambipillai (8692). I am part of Group 2 consisting of Olamide Ajisafe (8010) and Matthew Davies(8511). I have completed Brief 1: Film. To see my portfolio evidence please click on the labels on the right named "A2 research and planning plan, A2 construction A2 evaluation"

music video

Below is our finished music video

Group 3 Music Video Layla Obi- Blue Lights


Below is the outside panel of my Digipak Album cover



Album cover

Below is the inside panels of my album cover


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Monday, 26 September 2016

Construction Post 6: Website post-production

In order to create our website we used the software "Wix". A website is crucial for an artist as it acts as a source of official information and links for the fans. It is a common convention for artists to have and thus was a must for us.

Wix was relatively easy to use in terms of adding content. This was quire useful as the website could easily be altered and elements could be added relatively easily, considering that most websites are made purely from HTML code. The tool bar with all the choices of pre-made elements could be seen below
All of Wix's pre-made elements made crafting the website much easier to do, as oppose to coding each element
However despite Wix's multiple options Wix would often lag and even crash at times. Sometimes you would even have to refresh the page if certain tool were not working. This definitely decreased the efficiency of creating the website, with this specific challenge we had no choice but to continue using Wix despite its issues. 

We included the following pages on our website
  1. Landing Challenge
  2. Home
  3. Music
  4. Gallery
  5. Tour Dates
  6. Merchandise/Shop
  7. Bio
  8. Sign up
These pages could easily be navigated using our menu bar located at the bottom of the website

Our menu bar with all possible pages for easy navigation 
Within the menu bar social links could be found for twitter, YouTube and Instagram, social media is a form of cross media convergence that can span multiple platforms. The links also promote interactivity as the consumer is expected to click on these icons to reach our artists feed. From their they can follow, message our artist as well as share content we have posted, 

social media links

The twitter profile I made
These social media links are a common convention in artist websites and can be seen in izzy bizus website below. 

izzy bizus social media links
In order to promote more interactivity within our website we included a Q and A page in which the consumers can scroll through with. A few extracts of this can be seen below.

On the first slide of the Q and A the words "Layla Obi" is stylized in the amarillo font. This is a re-occurring synergistic element within our artists content. For example we can see this in all pages with "Layla Obi" written as well as our DigiPak

Stylized "Layla Obi" on our "home page"
Stylized "Layla Obi" on our bio page
Stylized "Layla Obi" on menu bar 
Stylized "Layla Obi" on all our merch

On our home page we have a live video for the background which I filmed and partially edited. The footage cam from mostly takes that we didn't use as well as just shots that look aesthetically pleasing. This formed a really good aesthetic and mood to the website as a whole. We were really inspired by Dua Lipas and Izzy Bizu website which had video elements in their background as well as a continuous scrolling function. A video of their website and our website can be seen below.

Overall I am very pleased with my website as i feel it fulfills its purpose and meets all the conventions of a music artists website. I also think it has a very sleek and professional look and could be mistaken for a website in the actual industry.

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