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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 8: possible tracks for the single

As a group we had dozens of ideas for the single we would use. We had to take in many factors when thinking of possibilities such as practicality and pace of the track.

Possible tracks included: 

  • Seinabo sey- Hard time
  • Zella Day- Ace of hearts
  • Jorja smith-Blue lights
  • Daughter-Youth

Seinabo Sey- Hard time

Pros of the track: 
  • Seinabo Sey is a female artist, this was a pro because we had initially decided Olamide would be one of the main performers in the music video due to her previous experiences
  • Reasonably paced meaning we could have shots that vary in length, therefore adding excitment and pace into our video
  • The lyrics could potentially have an interesting narrative aspect to the video 

Cons of the track: 
  • Lyrics were quite hard to interpret, this meant that our video would have to be more literal instead of conceptual 
  • We loved the music video which made it hard to disassociate the two in order to make a unique video

 Zella Day- Ace of hearts

Pros of the track:
  •  The song builds up pace and has a clear climax, this would be useful cinematography wise as we could replicate the pace of the song with shots. 
  • Interesting lyrics could result in a conceptual music video with some literal elements. For example "Ace of hearts" is meant to represent a person, however we could've had some shots involving cards etc
  • Not a very known track without a music video, meaning we wouldn't be influenced it. This also meant we would produce a completely unique video. The fact it isn't mainstream also complies with our criteria. 
Cons of the track:
  • The voice didn't match Olamides voice meaning we wouldn't be able to use Olamide as a performer, this means bringing in a different party which could get complicated. 
  • Quite a basic theme, this meant our video couldnt be meaningful, this was a huge problem as it contradicted our initial video ideas

Jorja smith- Blue lights

Pros of the track: 
  • Quite a strong theme meaning our video could be meaningful as well as conceptual. This was a huge deal as a meaningful video was one of our original goals when we were first given the task 
  • Met our criteria in the sense it is not a mainstream song with around only half a million views.
  • The vocals matched Olamides voice meaning we could use her as our main performer. This was really good as it meant we wouldn't have to outsource any external performers, thus making the whole project more efficient
Cons of the track: 
  • The song isn't as fast as our previous songs and didn't have a major climax. This meant we couldn't be as playful with shot lengths as previously thought. 
  • As a group we admired the video that already existed for the video. This means we have to be conscious of each decision to make sure it isn't an exact copy of the current video

Daughter- Youth

Pros of the track: 
  • Lyrics can be represented in our video as literal or conceptual. The "openess" of the lyrics meant multiple possibilities 
  • Changes pace through out the track meaning the pace of he video could also change, this could result in an exciting video 
  •  I genuinely just enjoyed the song as a whole
Cons of the track:
  • Quite a well known song with over 95 million views
  • We had already seen an outstanding A2 project using this song, this meant it was hard to not be inspired by their ideas.

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