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music video

Below is our finished music video

Group 3 Music Video Layla Obi- Blue Lights


Below is the outside panel of my Digipak Album cover



Album cover

Below is the inside panels of my album cover


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Monday, 26 September 2016

R+P Post 24: Planning my digipak panels

First draft of all four panels. 

Our Digipak consists of four panels: Album front cover(Top left), back cover (Top right), inside left panel(bottom left), inside right panel (bottom right).

Album front cover

flatplan for our album front cover
For our front cover we wanted our artist to be pictured in mid-air in front of a graffiti filled wall. We thought this would would make an eye catching image which would hopefully intrigue our audience. The graffiti filled wall will also appeal to our target audience of trendy londoners as they will appreciate the urban touch. 

An album covers main purpose is to showcase the artist and the album title so this will be the main text present. We hope to use a eye-catching font, but we will have to experiment with this aspect of the cover as it may clash with the graffiti. 

Our main visual reference point for the album cover was the cover for the album art for "Limbo" by Pell, as seen below. 

Album art for Limbo by Pell

Since this is not an album cover and just album art it does not contain typical conventions of an album cover such as Album name and Artist name. However we found the album art inspiring and uniquee and thus wanted to replicate this in our cover. 

Album back cover

flatplan for album back cover

For our back cover we wanted to have a silhouette of our artist that was filled with graffiti, the rest of the image would be black with the album song names placed around her body. The graffiti would provide synergy between the front and back cover as well to appeal to our urban audience. We also plan on using the same graffiti from the front cover in order for the covers to link and aesthetically work well with each other. 

The silhouette would also highlight our artists big curly hair which we have as our visual motif. This is very important as it makes our artist instantly distinguishable despite only a silhouette being shown. 

The back cover will also contain the typical conventions seen on the back of album covers such as 
  1. Song names
  2. Barcode
  3. Website
  4. Instituitions and logos
  5. Copyright infomation

Our main inspiration for our back cover were the art for the singles "In the morning" and "Pretty things" by Pele as seen below. 

art for the single Pell- in the morning 
art for the single Pell- Pretty things

We thought this art was minimal yet eye-catching. I feel our album back cover will be aesthetically pleasing as the silhouette filled with graffiti will not only highlight our artists visual motif but also be synergistic with the graffiti seen in other content.

Left inside panel

flatplan for left inside panel

For our inside panels we are going to have a side profile of our artist with writing around her. We thought this would be effective as it links well with our artists character of being an activist, the writing around her would highlight her views. This will appeal to our target audience of Londoners between the ages of 16-25 as they are often politically aware and will relate the writing. 
I also feel that a side-profile shot will highlight and emphasise our visual motif of curly hair. 

Our main inspiration for the left inside panel was "Erykah Badu-worldwide underground" as seen below. 

Right inside panel

flatplan for right inside panel
For our right inside panel we wanted a candid shot of our artist. We wanted her to be placed on the bottom right of the panel so the image wont be covered when the CD is placed inside. Our "candid" picture will be taken with graffitti in order to continue the synergy of graffitti as seen in the front and back covers of the album. 

An inspiration for this panel was the front cover for the album "Good times" by Ella Eyre. This candid shot of her is visually effective and seems more "real" and thus would highlights the reliability of our artist to the audience which in turn will make the panel more appealing to our target audience. 

Album cover for "Good times" by Ella Eyre

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