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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Evaluation Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?

We used a vast range of techniques in film making in order to attract/address our target audience. Below is a Prezi going into detail in each of the techniques used and why they will attract/address our audience affectively.

Dark and tense atmosphere as mentioned in the film style

Then tube was used as it was a familiar setting

Audience Reactions

During the production process we showed our first version sequence to a group of people in order to get feedback on what was going well and what wasn't. We received the following feedback...

  • "I hate the music its too repetitive and annoying"
  • "The footage of him typing is too light and colourful"
  • "Its not really dramatic enough, kinda boring"
  • "Don't really get the shots of him typing, what is he doing"
  • "Nothing really happens bit boring"
  • "The running shots are artsy"
As a result of this feedback we changed these aspects of the sequence. We ourselves also found the initial music unbearable so we changed it. The "light and colourful" shots were graded to give a more dark/tense vibe. We also managed to make the sequence more interesting by making shots shorter and added many more in. We also added dips to white and black between shots, all of this added pace which made our overall sequence more interesting and dramatic.

After these changes were made and a final sequence was produced we displayed our sequence again to get feedback. This time feedback was much more positive for example

  • "Music is much better much more dramatic"
  • "Camera angles are very arty"
  • "Gives off a really tense vibe"
  • "It doesn't drag out as much, much more happens"
  • "The first shot of the train is so aesthetic" 

Overall I think we managed to attract our audience quite well and our sequence is quite appealing. Although its not perfect, we certainly improved it drastically with the changes and Im happy with our final outcome.

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