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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Construction Post 4: Reflections on Edit Week 1

In order to be efficient in editing in this week we created an editing schedule. This was to ensure that we could max out all the time we had to edit both individually as well as a group. We all put down the times we were free and filled in the schedule.

Editing was a lengthy process and we needed all the time we could get. Just the process of going over all the footage and renaming them took over a day which is over a fifth of the week. This initially was worrying as a large portion of our time was already gone despite not a single video being on the timeline. However after all the shots were named it was simply trimming down each clip and placing it in order. This was relatively easy for the first few shots however proved to be much  more complicated when we began editing the continuity sequence. This took a long time as we needed to make sure that when the shot cut the character was in the same place. Footage had to be seen frame by frame in order to do this which of course consumed a lot of time.

We had a big leap forward during this week by finding music. We had searched all copyright free music tracks in order to replace the one used in the test edit. We all agreed as a group that the music needed to change as it began to get annoying and no longer worked with our sequence. Our target audience recommended we look into the YouTube Audio Music library. This is an extensive library of music on the YouTube site that has a vast range of music available. After narrowing down a short list of tracks we decided on a track called "The Drive".

By the end of the week we had a basic sequence secured however we still needed to sort out grading, re-shoots and titles to come. Looking back I think we worked quite well and edited at a good pace. Although we had mountains of work ahead of us for Edit Week 2 we still managed to come a long way in the sequence.

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