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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Construction Post 5: The Back-Up Shoot

By the end of edit week 1 we knew for sure we needed a back-up shoot. The main scenes we had to reshoot were the seward studio scenes. In our main shoot we turned down the lighting in order to try and get a "villainous" vibe. However this low lighting resulted in the shot having a lot of graininess. Since we had detected this early on we had time to book the seward studio again and reshoot.

Whilst editing it was pointed out to us that the final scene with all of the organisation members seemed too much at once. After showing our progress to our target audience they were confused to where the organisation members came from since they were literally not mentioned anywhere else in the sequence. In order to fix this we decided we needed to shoot a shot that shows one of the characters earlier on. We managed to film a few scenes with the actors the weekend between edit week 1 and edit week 2. We then edited the footage in during edit week 2. 
Shot to show one of the characters earlier on filmed during back-up shoot
The final scene that we reshot was a scene on the train. In our main shoot we thought it would be nice to have an third person view of the train doors closing with our main character inside the train. This shot wasn't necessary but we though it would be a nice touch to add.

Shot of character on the train filmed during back-up shoot

Although we only needed a few shots and our project could've gone without them for sure we thought a back-up shoot would really enhance and supplement the shots we already had. The back-up shoot did not take long and was significantly shorter than our test and main shoot. Looking back I'm glad we decided on going the extra mile and doing a back-up shoot. The sequence really benefited from the extra shots we did.

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