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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Construction Post 3: Reflections on our Main Shoot Session

Our main shoot session was a success and the vast majority of the shots taken were of high quality and actually ended up in the final edit. During this shoot we were well organised with all crew members and actors arriving at the correct destinations promptly as requested. This allowed us to get straight on with filming without having to wait for anything or anyone. All of the actors turned up on time and were quick to learn what to do on set. This was the first time we were working with the whole cast as we only used 3 actors in our test shoot but used 7 in our main shoot. Having this many actors was less stressful than I had imagined. I expected it to be hard to keep track of everyone but this was not the case and all the actors were well focused throughout the shoot.

Since most of the shots we shot on the test shoot were carried over as our target audience responded positively so we knew exactly how to do each shot in detail. We immediately knew where to place the camera and which spots had the best lighting etc. However we had less spontaneous shots in our main shoot as we had done all of those in the test shoot to see if they worked. We also knew our setting quite well meaning we could set up much quicker. All of this meant that our main shoot was much more efficient than the previous test shoot saving us both time and energy.

Typing shot in test shoot

Typing shot carried over in main shoot

Running shot in test shoot

Running shot carried over in main shoot

The only fault in our footage this time was the scenes shot in the "Conspiracy organisations HQ". We had turned the blinds down and turned most of the lighting off. This created what we thought was a good look on camera. however when we watched the footage over during the editing with teachers they pointed out that most of the footage we shot in there was really grainy due to low light. Thus this footage needed to be reshot.

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