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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our film is called Algorithm 404. Its plot centers around a hacker who hacks into a conspiracy organisation. He obtains a file which he transfers to a USB. He then gets a phone call from a fellow hacker to meet up. On the journey he realizes he is being followed so he begins to run. He runs to meet the other hacker but finds him being held at gunpoint by members of the conspiracy organisation. He is then tackled to the ground by one of the members of the organisation.


Our opning sequence follows many conventions. Please view Prezi where I identified the conventions and showed how/why we used the conventions in our sequence.

An example of a real film opening sequence that uses the conventions mentioned is "Se7en"

Although "Se7en" is of a slightly different genre of psychological thriller instead of our genre of cyber-security action thriller, it still adheres to many of the conventions mentioned. It introduces the companies and institutions behind the film, it introduces the genre, builds suspense and includes titles.


Our chosen genre for our film is the cyber-security action thriller. This genre incorporates elements from the cyber-security genre as well as both the action and thriller genres.


The cyber-security genre is a relatively recent genre. This made it especially hard as we didn't have much to work from. However we still managed to get inspired by the limited media that was already out there.

Firstly we made sure out titles connoted this genre. We took inspiration from "The Matrix" and the new TV series "Mr.Robot" as well as incorporating our own ideas such as trying to replicate the font used in CMD. For example a convention of the cyber-security genre is animated titles. This gives off a very tech vibe which we tried to replicate.

You can clearly see how our titles were inspired in the following GIFs I made.

Our Titles

Title from Mr.Robot

Another title from Mr.Robot

Other ways we connoted genre was through events that take place, props and themes.

 A common convention of the cyber-security genre is the event of hacking. We made this a key event in our sequence. This also linked into a common theme of the genre which is usually hacking a big organisation. In our case we had a conspiracy organisation being hacked. This screamed the genre of cyber-security really well. A main prop that we used was a laptop. This is yet again another convention of the cyber-security genre.

A snippet from Mr. Robot of him hacking on his computer

A snippet from our sequence of our character hacking on his laptop 

Action and Thriller

Typical conventions of the action/thriller genre are

  • Fights
  • "Cat and mouse" chase
  • Fast-Paced music
  • Tense atmosphere 
  • Narrative revolves around an enigma
  • Guns

These conventions can be seen in movies such as "The Dark knight", "Inception", "I,Robot" and "Se7en". 

Our sequence adheres to all of the conventions listed. We have a chase scene followed by a short conflict scene. Fast-paced music is used throughout and I feel that a tense atmosphere is created. The narrative revolves around a mysterious file on a USB and guns are used. Using these conventions made sure our sequence is instantly recognisable as part of the genre

One convention we did challenge was having an adult male main character. We chose to have our character as a teenage male which is usually not done. Films of the genre such as "The Dark knight", "Inception", "I,Robot" and "Se7en" all use adult male characters where as we used a teenager.

Narrative Structure

We used many narrative theory's in our sequence by incorporating narrative techniques. Below is a slide presentation outlining the techniques and theory's used.


Here is a prezi identifying how we made our film look and feel, and why we made it look and feel the way it did.

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