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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Construction Post 10: Looking back- reflections on our final outcome

Im extremely pleased with our final sequence. After the test edit the expectations for the quality end product drastically dropped. Our TA didn't respond well to the test edit however I now feel the final piece has passed these low expectations and works as a whole.

We really wanted to create a tense atmosphere and pace to our sequence which I think we achieved. I really like how the first two shots really juxtapose each other in terms of pace. the very first shot is a peaceful shot of a train going by this quickly changes to typing with dramatic music. I think it will really catch the audience off guard and create a good vibe for the rest of the sequence to follow.

One of the very first things we all agreed on was to have quite "techy" titles. After experimenting with Livetype we made some average titles. After showing our TA focus group they weren't keen on the look we were going for and said it was too basic.We revisited the titles during edit week 2 and created titles that look good and appealed more to our TA focus group.

If I could go back and change things about our final piece I would change the very first title of "Algorithm 404". It was made very close to the deadline so not much thought was put into it to differentiate it from the rest of the titles. I would also put more effort into learning how to do focus grabs/pulls with the camera we were given. We initially tried to adjust the depth of field with the camera however it proved to be very difficult and significantly harder to do than with say a DSLR. We eventually gave up on trying to change the aperture which changed the look of a lot of our shots.

Despite this I'm quite proud of Algorithm 404 and I hoped you enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed making it.

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