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Thursday, 4 February 2016

R+P Post 16: Casting

In our sequence we had many characters with a relatively big total of 7. This meant having 8 actors. Although this seemed like a lot it was essential that we had this many in order to make our "conspiracy organisation" seem big enough to actually pass off as one. Our actors are a follows...

  1. David Sagna- The main character and our hacker.
  2. Danya Bavetta- Our main member of the conspiracy organisation 
  3. Elliot Roberts- Member of conspiracy organisation 
  4. Christian- Member of conspiracy organisation 
  5. Matt Davies- Member of conspiracy organisation at HQ
  6. Jerom Thambipillai- Member of conspiracy organisation at HQ
  7. Matt Rogers- Hackers friend
David is a good friend of Alex. He was cast as the main character as he is extremely reliable as well as flexible. Reliability was extremely important in the casting process as if the actor pulled out before or during the filming process this would out our project at risk. Flexibility is also really helpful as we often needed to reshoot certain scenes, this meant that we would need the actors quickly and at short notice.

David Sagna in charchter
Danya Bavetta, Elliot Roberts,Christian and Matt Rogers are friends of Matt Davies. They were cast as they were reliable as well as we felt they added diversity to the conspiracy group but still managed to sustain the intimidating image we were going for. Danya was cast as the main member of the conspiracy organisation as he had extensive previous acting experience. His acting skills were easily the strongest out of all of our actors. He nailed the role and looked really intimidating on camera.

Danya Bavetta
Elliot and Christian

Me and Matt Davies were cast as the members of the conspiracy organisation at HQ as we attend the school. This was essential as we filmed theHQ scenes in the steward studio in school. Since we go to the school it meant we were always at hand to film when the studio was free. Gathering external actors to come to our school could've proved troublesome.
Me and Matt Davies in character

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