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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Film Opening Analysis and AOTT Research (DYM)

1) The film is Kung Fu Panda and its genre is action comedy

2)The opening sequence takes place in a fictional version of China that is inhabited by animals, mainly rabbits,. The opening sequence however does not reveal a time scale.

3) In the sequence starts of with a "Legendary warrior whos kung fu skills were the stuff of legend" travelling China in search of "worthy foes" The warrior then ends up fighting many enemies whilst a voice over ,describing the fight, plays. The warrior then befriends the heroes of China "The Furious Five". Just as the warrior and The Furious five begin to fight an army it is revealed that it has all been a dream sequence by Po, an ordinary Panda who works in a noodle restaurant. 

4)I think all the events directly link to each other in the sequence. As it is a story instead of a cluster of unrelated images seen with other titles e.g. Skyfall

5)The Furious Five characters are revealed however they are a fictional versions of themselves in Pos dream. The characters aren't properly introduced till later in the film due to the opening sequence being just a dream. 

6)None of the story is revealed to the audience other than the setting which is China. This is because the opening sequence is revealed to be just a dream.It is withdraw as it leaves the audience questioning what will happen next as what they thought they knew about the film was a lie. However the opening of the sequence could be seen as foreshadowing as the characters dream eventually becomes his reality. 

7)At the start of the film the audience would need to know the overall genre of the film in order to understand that most of the scenes are not to be taken seriously. 

The first opening sequence is from Kung Fu Panda and the second opening sequence is from Skyfall. Despite both films being from contrasting genres they have many similarities and of course differences. Kung fu Panda uses extremely bright colour schemes such as orange, red and yellow where as Sky fall uses dark colour schemes such as black, dark blue and dark red. This is expected as Kung Fu Panda is targeted to younger audiences where as Sky fall is targeted to more older viewers. The openings are simmilar in the fact that they both use animation as well as the fact they both take a different style to the rest of the movie. Kung Fu Pandas opening is done with 2D animation where as the rest of the movie is done in 3D. This change in style from opening sequence to the actual film can be seen in Skyfall. Such as the opening uses a mixture of CGI and animation where as the rest of the film is live action. Due to the above both openings have similarities and differences. 

1 comment:

  1. Your analysis shows good understanding of role and function of the opening sequence, although you must try to include more technical detail in your answers. Your comparison, however, focuses too much on obvious design differences rather than an analysis of the different ways openings organise narrative material and appeal to audiences. You might also need to check through your work for typos/grammar.