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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Evaluation of AOTT Activity (DYM)

  • Our film was about a pupil with memory loss that was a serial killer however, he managed to keep his incidents on the low key leaving fellow students and teachers clueless. In the film opening we see our main character look into the mirror. From there he has a series of flashbacks to his previous victims and how he killed them.
  • In our film opening we managed to introduce our main character. We also showed the audience the deaths of his previous victims. We heavily implied that these were flashbacks by adding a sepia filter. Many settings are shown that shows the film takes place within a school. Settings such as the bathroom and field were heavily featured. 
  • The titles don't directly related to the main film idea but instead who worked on the film. Many actors/directors etc were mentioned in the titles giving the audience an idea of who worked in the film and what they did exactly.
  • The expected audience reaction is mild shock. This is because of the gore and violence used within in the film opening as well as how the back story of the character massively contrast on what the audience see at first. At the end of the opening audience should be intrigued to see what happens next as well as they should have a slightly greater understanding of the main character. I think our opening is fairly ambiguous to start off with however it becomes more clear who the character is as the opening goings on. At the very ending of the opening it is still unclear what the characters further intentions are and thus slightly ambiguous.
  • in our opening we included various techniques so it is recognisable as a film opening. The first technique we used were titles/credits embedded within a few of the shots. This shows the audience who exactly worked on the film. This is extremely common in film openings. Another technique we used is a variety of angles and shot types. for example the mirror shot and the extreme close up are extremely different. The mirror shot is usually used within the horror/ thriller genre and thus connotes our genre well. A final technique we used was including a title card shot. This is extremely vital for an opening sequence as it gives the audience the film name. 
  • I think our film opening is fairly effective as a film opening. We managed to use a variety of techniques as well as including titles. The titles font could have been improved to give a more professional look however they served their purpose well. To conclude our film opening was reasonably effective. 

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  1. Your opening sequence grid demonstrates a good understanding of genre and style with some very effective shots creating a sense of subjective camera work. However, the narrative remains quite confusing. Your reflections are thoughtful, detailed and well written.