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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Continuity Task 2 (BLK)

My sequence is an extract from the film "Man of Steel". The sequence I will be analysing starts at 0:11 till the end of the clip. A film based on the extremely popular Superhero from DC comics. in this sequence the main character, Superman, is being interrogated by the US Military as well as Louis Lane. Many techniques are used to show continuity in this sequence.

At the very start of the sequence we get a long shot of  two characters sitting at a table in the centre of the room. This automatically tells the audience the setting for the scene. The One-Way mirror is in shot as it is used later on in the sequence.

The shot then cuts to an over the shoulder shot of Louis Lane. This shot could be seen as an eye line match as they we are seeing Louis from almost Superman's perspective. The shot then cuts to an over the shoulder shot of Superman but now from Louis side. This is done to allow the audience see Supermans as he replies. The next shot is extremely similar to the first over the head shoulder shot of Louis however it is slightly zoomed in. This means that this is done from the same set up as the first shot but with different framing. A back and forth then occurs from the same set up and over the shoulder shots however with different framing.

The next shot cuts to a mid shot of a third character being introduced however form a different unknown destination. It is then revealed in the next shot, which is an over the shoulder shot of superman and Louis sitting at the table, that it is from the one way mirror seen in the very first master shot. The following shot shows a similar shot to the previous one however from the opposite side of Louis and Superman.This then cuts to other characters within the one way mirror to show their reactions, all of which are medium close up shots. This then cuts to a back and forth between medium close ups of superman and the third character as they converse.

After that the shot shows a completely different set up behind both the third character and the table. This shows the scene from the surrounding characters point of view as well as displays continuity by showing how each characters positions within the setting relate to each other. This set up is then abandoned in the next shots as they follow the previous set ups of medium close ups of Louise Lane and the other unnamed characters.

The last shot then shows Superman get up and begin to walk towards the mirror. As he is walking the shot cuts to the other characters backing away. The shot then cuts back to a long shot of superman still walking however he had covered some distance from when the characters began to walk away. This shot and the ones discussed above show continuity within the scene

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