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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Continuity Task 1 (BLK)

Continuity Task 1: Evaluate+Reflect

1) We were given the task of making a short video displaying an accident. The story starts off with a person, Person A, walking into an elevator. Already inside of the elevator is another person, Person B, The shot then cuts to the digital dial of the elevator going down. Then Person A walks out of the elevator whilst Person B is left on the floor. this heavily implies some sort of accident occurs within the elevator.

2)We attempted to create narrative flow through a variety of techniques. The first technique we used was using establishing shots in order to let the audience become familiar with the setting despite the limited time. This can be seen with the shot were Person A and Person B enter the elevator. Also we tried to overlap shots so that the narrative flows from one shot to the other. This can be seen with the shot of Person A walking towards the elevator and the next shot of Person B inside of the elevator.

3) I don't think we achieved full continuity in our some of the shots did overlap correctly. this can be seen in when Person A starts to walk towards the lift but in the next shot seems to be further away thus continuity was disrupted. Also the shot with the digital monitor did not show continuity. This is clear as we did not specify what characters point of view this shot was coming from. As well as the fact that the monitor was not seen before so it has no connection to the lift to the audience. 

4) In hindsight we would have planned the shots better in order to achieve full continuity. A shot that could've been used was a shot of each other in the lift from each others perspectives. Also I would make sure each individual shot links directly in with each other. This would effectively get rid of the break in continuity within the shots.

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