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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

R+P Post 8: Our opening sequence idea, to include sound and titles

Our opening sequence is as follows

  • The first shot is a skyline of London with The name of the film "404" is edited in. During this shot there is no music just the sound of traffic and the city. 
  • The next shot is a title shot "a film 4 production"
  • Immediately after the shot goes to a USB being taken out of a computer, this immediately puts emphasis on the computer and connotes or genre of Cyber-thriller well.
  • We then get a extreme close up of the USB which further puts draws the audiences attention to the USB.  
  • This then quickly transitions to a montage of our main character typing at a computer. Within this montage there are several titles embedded between the shots.The montage ends with the hacker putting a USB into his pocket. 
  • The scene then changes to our hacker on a train in an empty carriage with his hood up to avoid drawing attention to himself. He then  walks off the platform.
  • It then cuts to the hacker walking in the streets. The shot then changes to the exact same shot but on CCTV footage. This then zooms out to show someone watching him. This gives the audience the idea he is being carefully surveyed and followed. 
  • The scene then cuts back to the hacker walking in the streets. He realises he is being followed by someone and begins to run. He runs into an alleyway but is cornered. and pushed against the wall. After a quick conflict the hacker throws the person on the floor. His phone then falls out and begins to ring. 
  • The shot then fades to black with the text "24 hours earlier" 

We used many sound effects to create a action-thriller atmosphere. Sound effects of typing whilst the hacker is on the computer helps to add ambiance to each shot and make it more plausible. We also used the sound of footsteps, punching and train tracks for the same reason.

The following titles will appear in our sequence

  • 2 Production Companies
  • Main actor
  • Director
  • Music Composer
  • Casting
  • Visual Effects
We were inspired by the Art of the title website when thinking of our titles in terms of design as well as roles mentioned. I found the titles from Daredevil very interesting and it helped us think of our titles in terms of how it appears on screen. The titles appear and lightly fade off the screen with all the time between each title being roughly the same. This creates a smooth simple effect which means the audience aren't overpowered by each title. The titles from Orphan Black also inspired me as it has the actors name instead of starring [actors name], for example it says "Tatiana Maslany" instead of "Starring Tatiana Maslany". We used this in our opening sequence as we changed some of our titles from "starring...", this can be seen with the title that simply says "David Sagna" 

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